Nursery Rooms

Sandy Strawberries:
0 to Approx 12 Months.
Ground Floor

This room has been purposely designed to cater for your baby. We have a safe play area with colourful, tactile and stimulating toys and an area where babies can sleep. If you prefer, the tranquillity and healthy country air provides the perfect environment for your child to sleep whilst supervised outdoors (weather permitting!).

Polly Pears:
Approx 12 – 24 Months
Ground Floor

Polly Pear’s Room is well equipped with early learning and traditional toys as well as toys that assist with walking – where necessary. Under close supervision children are encouraged to experiment with painting, gluing and sticking, baking, construction, sand and water and dough – to name just a few.

Andy Apples:
Pre- Pre-school.
First Floor

In Andy Apple’s room, children are kept busy with all the great activities they enjoyed in Polly Pear’s room and more. These are provided through supervised free play and adult lead learning.

Ollie Oranges:
First floor

In Ollie Orange’s room children are introduced to a slightly more structured programme. There are still lots of opportunities for free play, adult lead activities are well planned to incorporate all the requirements of the DfE Early Years Foundation Stage.

Peaches Pre-School
External Building

Peaches Pre-school further develops the activities in Ollie Orange’s room with more opportunity for free-flow / outdoor play and more emphasis on helping children with their transition to school.

Adult lead activities are well planned to incorporate all the requirements of the DfE Early Years Foundation Stage.

Holiday Club

A full and organised programme of activities and events are on offer during holiday periods including outings and on-site activities. There are indoor activities such as computer games, books, puzzles and a large variety of outdoor equipment such as football, basketball and table tennis.


A fun and loving team on hand to see to all your child’s needs.


We strongly encourage Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as this benefits everyone.


Security starts at the front door. Our biometric door entry system will only open for those who are known to us